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Copywriting is essentially your brand’s way of speaking to your customer. It is literally a verbal version of a logo or colour palette. Just like these visual elements, the text you use in your touch points needs to have a consistent feel and must be underpinned by a clear  communication strategy.  Your copy needs to assist in focusing their attention on a consistent brand identity.

In this post we look at some very important copywriting elements one needs to take into account to ensure you define your brand voice.  These are important to remember as it will ensure your voice is heard amidst all the copy clutter and that it works hand in hand with your visual identity and not against it.

  1. Does Your Brand Copywriting Adhere to a Clear Brand Strategy?

Without an authentic and compelling brand personality, your copy could be perceived as lacking a voice.  The words themselves, the writing style and tone of voice should always communicate your brand promise and position in the style of your brand personality. Without a clear brand promise or position, your copy may lack integrity and it may be conflict with the visual elements you have spent so much time developing.

In essence the way you define your brand personality upfront should dictate the way the brand expresses itself in copy.  For example, if your brand positioning is light and a bit tounge in cheek then your copy will also be.  Your tone will be lighter, making use of  ‘conversational’ copy and the style will be short and to the point.

  1. Do you have a Clear Message?

The copy game has definitely changed.  Consumers are bombarded with visual and written stimulation at every touch point.  What stands you out from the crowd is how engaging your brand message or copy is – do you talk at them or to them?  Successful brand interaction is measured by engagement – how engaging is your copy?  How clearly defined is your ‘reason to believe?’ It needs to be relevant and consistent.

  1. What is your Writing Style?

It is critical to define how your brand copywriting will consistently reflect your defined brand personality.  Is your style regal, playful, formal, funny?  How you use things like headings, italics, lists, bullets etc will all be determined by how you define your copywriting style.  It is important to define this upfront to ensure conistency in all messages and across all mediums such as articles, blog posts, flyers etc.

Remember: Your Copy Should Always Be On-Brand

Compelling brand copywriting is a crucial component of any marketing strategy. It lets you speak directly to your consumer’s needs in a way that is compelling to them and in  medium that they relate too. If your copy isn’t underpinned by a clear, audience-centric strategy, it runs the risk of being passed over, and this leaves the door wide open for the competition to engage in a compelling conversation with them.

How relevant is your copy?  If you would like more informaiton or need some assistance with any copy writing requirements drop me an email

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