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I am a lover of beautiful stationery!  There is nothing better than hand writing a to do list in a beautifuly bound note book or diary.  I have always said that the creative process is only as good as the finished product and I have found design concepts really come to life when they are finished in the right way  – with the right printing process and on the right paper.

Letterpressing is very much alive and well!  This intricate printing style elevates a standard design by creating an emboss affect onto the paper and leaves a lasting impression of style and taste!

Here I showcase some beautiful letterpress examples (including an invitation to my own wedding):

Letterpress Invitations Letterpress Invitations Letterpress InvitationsLetterpress Invitations

More and more we are seeing letterpress making its way into business card finishing.  Again this printing process makes a statement and slaps of taste!

Business Cards Business Cards Business Cards

This traditional printing process is making a come back in a big way and is definitely a printing trend for the year to come.


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