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So often in the branding and marketing game, specifically with small startup brands or entrepreneurs, designers will hear things like “Im just looking for a logo” or “I cant invest in a full brand right now so how much for just a logo?”  It is a mistake that is made so often.  A logo in its self does not define your brand – its helps to visualise it and set it apart artistically but a brand is so much more than just a logo.

As a brand consultant, my goal is not to create something purely beautiful for you. It’s to dig deep, do the research and create a full brand that will be an invaluable tool in growing your business. A well-developed brand will help you attract the right customers/readers, establish a loyal community of fans & make more money while pursuing something you’re passionate about. Quite simply, a logo alone cannot do that.  It’s about creating an entire lifestyle & brand experience. The key to creating a truly unique and memorable brand is thoughtfully defining every single element of your branding, not just the logo.


How do you create a full brand identity that showcases your core beliefs & attracts the right customers?  Key to creating a brand experience and ultimately building brand recognition is by establishing the key elements up front:


  1. Brand Positioning and Reason to Believe

It is important to define your competitive subset and target market up front.  Who are your competitors?  What do you do that sets you apart from them?  What is your brands reason to believe?  In determining your brand positioning and reason to believe it is important to articulate this.  It is also important to determine what need your brand/product or service is fulfilling.  This will ultimately assist you in positioning yourself as a solution to the defined need and ensure that you have a clear identity upfront to guide future brand growth.


  1. Brand Identity

Your brand identity is all encompassing.  Its not just about your logo or your business card, it is your colour palate, your font style, your packaging, your layout (if you have an office or store), your writing style, your imagery.  Creating a clear identity upfront ensures consistency in your brand experience, which ultimately helps build brand recognition.


  1. Communication Strategy

A communication strategy is particularly important in today’s digital age.  Understanding your target market and their media consumption habits will ensure that your brand is visible where it needs to be.  Twitter, Facebook, Googleplus, Instagram, Pinterest, all have specific roles to play in executing a brand’s defined communication strategy and together with your brand identity will create your “tribe”.  Which medium is right for your brand?  How do you measure engagement and campaign success per platform?  It is important to understand this and have a defined communication strategy upfront to ensure consistency in your brand message


Each of these elements come together to create a full branded package and set the foundation for future brand development and growth and ensure that your brand is more memorable.

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